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Director | Choreographer | Teacher 

Emily Haussler is the Founder and Director of RESILIENCE Dance Company - a nonprofit dance company based in St. Louis, MO, focused on putting artists first. 

Overall, her work centers on building healthier, more sustainable dance communities by equipping dancers with resources for their mental health, physical wellbeing, and artistic success. She believes in the power of collaboration and in challenging the toxic norms of the dance world, seeking to create high quality, insightful dance works inside of healthy dance spaces.

Emily's choreography primarily draws on contemporary, modern, and improvisational techniques, using collaborative practices to generate emergent, visceral dances that reflect the contemporary human condition and our relationships to one another. 


Emily also teaches master classes to university students, offers consulting services, and shares her expertise at regional conferences - all of which feed her passion for community work and supporting the next generation of dance artists.


As Director of RESILIENCE Dance Company, Emily has choreographed four evening-length works: Come With Me (2023), All Times At Once (2022), Making Room (2021), Stanzas & Sculptures (2020). Her notable short works have been shown in St. Louis, MO (Washington University, The Link Auditorium), Kansas City, MO (The Gem Theater), Detroit, MI (Detroit Institute of the Arts), Cape Girardeau, MO (Southeast Missouri State University), Nashville, TN (The Looby Theater), and Durham, NC (American Dance Festival). Furthermore, her dance film, There Are No Rules, was shown at Exchange Choreography Festival 2020.

Prior to founding RDC, Emily produced an independent dance concert entitled fine lines between. The performance premiered in Nashville, TN at the Looby Theater in April 2019, and featured fourteen collaborators in six pieces. 

Artistically, Emily enjoys creating new works through conversation, collaboration, and empathy. Her processes include tasks, play, chance, writing, moving from impulses, authentic movement, and more, and always center the dancers as humans first. She finds particular joy in devising new parameters to produce unique dynamics.

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Come With Me

April, 2023 - Intersect Arts Center, St. Louis MO

RESILIENCE Dance Company

An inevitable, undefined you

November, 2022 - Cape Girardeau, MO

Southeast Missouri State University

ways to move in harmony

September, 2021 - The Link Auditorium, St. Louis MO

RESILIENCE Dance Company - Entry Points

29 Encounters

February, 2023 - Kansas City, MO

Modern Night at the Gem

All Times At Once

May 2022 - Intersect Arts Center, St. Louis MO

RESILIENCE Dance Company

Making Room

May, 2021 - The Link Auditorium, St. Louis MO

RESILIENCE Dance Company



Emily has had the honor of teaching master classes at St. Louis University, Southeast Missouri State University, and at Washington University in St. Louis as the Marcus Artist in Residence, February 2022. She has also taught multiple Self Production workshops for dancers at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Missouri Dance Organization's 2022 Conference, and at the 2022 Central American College Dance Association Conference, where she shares practical information on how to produce independent dance concerts. Additionally, Emily teaches weekly company classes including advanced ballet, modern and improvisation. 

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For commissions, master classes, consulting and other inquiries, please fill out the contact form. 

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